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Kurdi Chat

Great app for chatting and finding friends based on location proximity, also you can: – add registered users as friends. – Login with Facebook or Google Plus or Email – upload photos to profile. – block users. – create chat Groups and add friends – Kurdish language support.

Go to Smora


Smora is an app that offers an amazing collection of news, content creators, vines and more for you to follow, enjoy and share.

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Smora Wallpaper

Smora Wallpaper is an app, that contain a variety of specially designed wallpaper for your smart phone home screen, get the latest work of independent designers and photographer, and stand out among friends and families.

Go to Kurdi Keyboard

Kurdi Keyboard

Kurdi Keyboard is based on soft Keyboard Sample from Android SDK, and the Central Kurdish Unicode. The Kurdi Keyboard make typing and searching in Kurdish language much easier. It has been tested with devices using android version 5.0.2, also its texts are readable on all other platforms such as; Android, Windows and IOS devices.

Go to Maze Galaxy

Maze Galaxy

Maze Galaxy is a game made up of a number of galaxies, each galaxy contain 3D maze planets with various challenges. Collect Star Dust for getting new rolling balls. Find uniquely designed artifacts. And for those who enjoy extra challenge, Maze Galaxy provides time attack challenges for each planet.

Go to Chrome Theme

Chrome Theme

Smora.Net published a set of colorful and amazing themes for google chrome web browser. Now you can customize your chrome web browser and standout among colleague and friends.

Go to Legacy Chat Rooms

Legacy Chat Rooms

Great app for chatting in chat rooms create your user account upload profile images add users to your friend list block users


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