July 27, 2015

Kurdi Chat

Flag_of_Kurdistan_Nation  Translate to central Kurdish

Kurdi Chat is an amazing App for Android™, in which the user can register with Email, Faebook , the "search for friends" within the App is based on users proximity to each other in another word the user can find friends close to your location, this is not the only way to find friends, the users can also search by Name, Email or Location. The App provides the ability to add friends to friend list, it is also possible to block users. Kurdi Chat also provide the ability send gift, verify yourself with a verified badge and remove Ads.


- Sign in with Email or Facebook.
- add registered users as friends.
- block users.
- upload photos to profile.
- Search for Friends by Name, Location or Email.
- Send Gifts.
- Ghost Mode.
- Remove Ads.
- Kurdish language support.


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